Quitting another addiction

I can do it!!So I quit smoking 16 hours ago. I’ve done it before but wound up starting again. I quit for a year before & after my surgery. Who knows why I started again… because I’m an addict, that’s why. I’m doing pretty good today, the occasional, really strong craving, but I talked myself through it – out loud. How gross it was, coughing – and the positive stuff – my granddaughter, really my #1 motivation!! and the urge to smoke passed.

Besides that, I’m actually struggling more to not eat/snack tonite. Back and forth, back and forth – it’s ok, only 2 pieces of bread. NO, it HAS to stop!! When I was thin, I never in a million years ate bread. Very very rarely, and most definitely not at nite. It can be done.

I’m caring enough about myself to quit smoking. It inspires me to eat better too. Heck, I think I will even walk in the morning. Gotta replace that morning ciggie with something, right?

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  1. says

    you can do it lady! @christal_l did. my hubby did. i didn’t. or i do, whenever i’m pregnant just because it makes me nauseous. and then months after the baby is born my mother shows up and it all goes to heck and i’ve got a pack in my hand. :(

  2. Kitty says

    ha! I just popped into Twitter & felt like swearing BIG time ‘cos I want a damn cig. Then I saw your RT/mention of this post (thank you!) so I clicked & here you are. See? You distracted me and took my GAWD awful craving away! Even tho I want to borrow one of yours! Does it sound weird to say “I’m envious of you?”

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